A true AnatomyLove means a desire to see our wonderful insides represented everywhere outside! Wait, you know what I mean…

I want to see skulls, and bones, eyeballs, heads, feet, hands, butts and more anatomically represented on the things I surround myself with. The human form is indeed beautiful – even on the inside (trust me, I’ve looked!). And I get tickled by artists who choose the subject of anatomy!

My artistic abilities are limited to drawing the branching pattern of nerves and arteries, though. If you’ve ever drawn the superficial face structures with me, you know.

Yet, I like clean, classy, witty, and smart accessories for my home, planners and calendars, clothing, and other fun accessories. I want beautiful artwork, smart stickers, playful use of the human form, and traditionally creepy stuff made whimsical.

I started a series of anatomy and histology related fun things for the home, office, and everywhere else, starting with the gorgeous skull and script of the AnatomyLove logo, and more to come!

Check out the link below to see what fun things you can have too!