face, nasal

Nasal cavity – innervation

  • V1 ophthalmic branch of trigeminal n. (GSA)
    • anterior ethmoidal branches course through ethmoidal air cells onto the lateral nasal wall and nasal septum
    • innervation to mucosae of superior nasal cavity
  • V2 maxillary branch of trigeminal n. (GSA)
    • nasopalatine n. courses with sphenopalatine a. to innervate mucosae of inferior nasal cavity
    • infraorbital n. gives off lateral nasal branches to alae of vestibule
  • VII facial n. (GVE)
    • parasympathetic innervation to mucosal seromucous glands of nasal sinuses
    • uses pterygopalatine ganglion as point of synapse

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